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The LDC does not have branches all over the country but is composed of a number of departments which are charged with different responsibilities as shown below;

Post-Graduate Studies

Conducts a one year Bar programme (course) leading to the award of a post- graduate diploma in Legal Practice. More

Department of Law.

Trains paralegals who desire to know basic principles of the law programmes leading to the award of a Diploma in Law. More

Continuing Legal Education and Legal Aid

Charged with the duty of providing legal education in form of long and short courses to paralegals and the general public,

Coordinate legal aid to indigent persons which are provided by the Legal Aid Clinic'
Organize in-service training and refresher courses for LDC members of staff.


Law reporting

Compile, edit and publish law reports of Uganda, 

Publish bulletins and digests.


Research, law reform and publication

Assisting any commissioner appointed in the preparation and publication of a revised edition of laws of Uganda,
Assisting the Law Reform Commission in the performance of its functions,
Assisting in the preparation of reprints of Acts of Parliament,
Undertaking research into any branch of law,
Collecting, compiling, analyzing and abstracting statistical information on legal and related matters.
Publishing periodicals, bulletins or other written materials on legal and related matters, for example the Handbook for Magistrates.


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