PostGraduate Bar Course

Law Development Centre offers a contemporary Post Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice (Bar Course) that is tailored to the needs of the legal profession and highly regarded by employers across all sectors. The course equips students with knowledge and practical skills.

Course objectives:

The Bar Course specifically aims to:

  1. Prepare students to play their role as legal practitioners.
  2. Facilitate the drafting and interpretation of legal documents and materials and appreciate their practical application.
  3. Develop among students a sense of social responsibility and an appreciation for the need of legal aid.
  4. Develop an appreciation for and skills for Alternative Dispute Resolution.
  5. Prepare students to practice in a versatile legal environment.


Learning Outcomes

At the end of the Bar Course, students will demonstrate ability to:

  1. Apply practical and professional legal knowledge and skills in a versatile legal environment.
  2. Draft and interpret legal documents and materials.
  3. Appreciate legal aid and demonstrate a sense of social responsibility.
  4. Interview clients and witnesses while adhering to professional standards.
  5. Conduct themselves ethically.