Alumni Associations

A tradition of Excellence since 1970

It is my honor and privilege to welcome you to the Law Development Centre Alumni Association. The spirit of our tradition lies in the hearts and minds of our community members, who are dedicated to the professional advancement and well-being of our students and alumni, and who strive to “Champion What Matters”; locally, nationally, and internationally.

We are a community of accomplished faculty, engaged administrators, exceptional students, and extraordinary alumni leaders who continue our 50 year-long tradition of excellence in legal education, skill-based teaching and student-centered learning.

Our nearly 8,000 alumni have made extraordinary achievements in all areas of the legal profession be it private practice, business and consulting, advisory as well as government service, public interest litigation, academia, and humanitarian work around the world.

As Alumni Relations Officer of the Law Development Centre Alumni Association, I am committed to the advancement of our tradition of excellence. We celebrate the identity, interests, diverse career, and location of more than our 8,000 alumni worldwide.

It is my pleasure to invite you to our three Campuses so that you get to experience for yourself the exceptional community we have evolved into, and the growth we have achieved so far.

Robert Mackay,
Alumni Relations Officer


We enrich the Law Development Centre’s impact by serving as an independent gateway for alumni of all identities, backgrounds, and experiences – across the globe and in our neighborhoods – in order to create and deepen the sense of belonging to the LDC family, the leaders and the best of our students.


  • Provide meaningful and sustainable alumni engagement opportunities and support key LDC priorities.
  • Play a vital role in establishing and maintaining active connections between the alumni and LDC, diverse communities and key individuals for donor prospect identification and discovery.
  • Create opportunities for prospective and current students to connect with alumni in their region or interest.
  • Collaborate with LDC staff and faculty to increase visibility of LDC’s activities and enhance awareness of campaign priorities.

Reunion 2024

Reunions are a fun opportunity to reconnect with former classmates, friends and colleagues. We  plan to invite our alumni back to our three Campuses for class, affinity, and program area gatherings.

 Our Programs

As a committed partner and supporter of the Centre, the Alumni Association offers programs of relevance and service to the alumni community. Learn more about our programs:

Alumni Career Program

We have been rethought our approach to career-building with more relevant and engaging resources to help you succeed. From monthly virtual webinars to our preferred career coaches, we provide capacity-building opportunities and platforms aimed at enabling you to always strike out ahead at every stage of your career.

Alumni Communities

Looking forward to connecting and reconnect with fellow Alumni? The LDC Alumni Forum is the place to be!. You can join and start discussions around what matters most to you, and this is where you will find the Alumni Directory, to help you organize/initiate focused discussions. You will also be able to connect locally with our alumni clubs across Uganda and the globe.

The LDC Alumni Association also provides chapters and affinity groups around the world.

  • Advisory Councils – Groups organized for leadership, advisory, mentorship, external relations, and/or curricular purposes for various LDC programs.
  • Regional Communities/Chapters – Groups organized according to geographical location, i.e., neighbourhood, city, region andcountry.
  • Affinity Groups – Groups organized around an interest, practice area, student organization affiliation, or demographic.

Communities are open to all LDC graduates – Bar Course, Diploma in Human Rights. Diploma in Law and the various Short Courses.

We are looking for volunteer leaders! Please reach out to us via  email –  if you are interested in serving in a role.

Alumni Travel

With LDC Alumni Travel, you can cross a few of those long-standing destinations off your bucket list by travelling in style with fellow alumni — just enjoy the fun and leave the logistics to us.

Alumni Volunteer

The Alumni Volunteer is a platform for volunteer opportunities offered through the Centre, from academics to non-academic units/programs across our Campuses.


From Biking to Big House Tours to game-watch parties, we’ve got your ticket. This is the place to be to get in on all of the sports action.


Now is the time to secure your place as a member and start taking advantage of all we have to offer. The programs listed on this page are made possible by our dear Alumni Association members.

LDC Alumni Magazine

The Alumni Association publishes the LDC Alumni Magazine quarterly  to keep members updated on the activities conducted.

Leadership – isn’t it important to have this included on your website even if you don’t have the leadership in place? You can always update once elections are done.