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Mental Health Resources at LDC

This website is your go-to hub for navigating the many mental health and well-being resources at LDC. Whether you are seeking advice to establish your self-care routine, looking for ways to manage stress or mental health symptoms, tips to help a friend, someone supportive to talk to, or anything in between, you are not alone.

Professional staff and your peers are ready to support you, regardless of what point you are in your mental health and well-being journey.

Just like the seasons change, so will the support you may need. Remember… it is okay to not be okay.

Take Care of Yourself & Each Other

By prioritizing self-care, we increase our capacity and resilience to navigate and overcome stressful or challenging situations. Establishing self-care strategies can help you prepare for and anticipate the chaos that the quarter can bring.

Reach Out to Your Peers

Whether you are looking for casual advice or guidance, know there are individuals in our community eager and ready to help you, some of these being your friends and/or peers- many who have experienced similar situations as you. Peer support may be a good first step to sharing your struggles and identifying what support you may need.

Utilize Campus Resources

When you find yourself needing extra support managing your mental health and well-being, know there are many great resources at LDC. All of the professional resources can teach you skills and fill your toolkit with ways to promote your mental health and well-being.

Student Affairs

Student Affairs offers a kaleidoscope of services, support, and opportunities, guided by the priorities laid out in Our Most Important Work. Touching many aspects of life on campus, direct links to the Guild Office are here.

Campus Life

Office of Student Engagement

To educate and empower students to create unique co-curricular experiences, meaningful relationships, and lifelong memories. We strive to bring joy and enrichment to the social experience and provide opportunities for students to find what they need to grow.

Postgraduate Life Office

We are a division of the Office of the Guild for Student Affairs and is guided by Our Most Important Work. We serve the entire postgraduate student population at LDC and their families. The office of the Guild is a source of comprehensive, impartial guidance and information related to all aspects of your life as a graduate student.