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Legal Aid Clinic

The LDC Legal Aid Clinic was founded in 1998 and started its activities in 1999.The clinic derives its mandate from the Law Development Centre Act Cap. 132 and its purpose are mainly twofold:

  1. To assist in imparting practical skills to students of the Diploma in Legal Practice (Bar Course) through its Clinical Legal Education  (CLE) Program
  2. Provide legal aid services to juveniles, indigent litigants and accused persons

In fulfillment of its mandate, the clinic has been implementing a number of projects and programs for example:

  • The Reconciliation Program at a number of Magistrates Courts
  • The Diversion Program for children in conflict with the law
  • Project: Use of Bar Course students to access to justice for juveniles and petty offenders
  • Project: Using ADR mechanisms to enhance resolution of land disputes


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Lydia Namuli

Manager Legal Aid Clinic